Monday, March 31, 2008

FBG in Gap, PA

After my quilt fabric shopping on Friday (see the previous post), I headed for a B&B I had found on the web -- The Creekside Inn. It was very nice, and I met some other quilters who come to the shows every year. The owners told me about yet another fabric store which I went to Saturday morning.

Then I headed to the Sadsbury Friends Meeting House in Gap, PA.

One of the founders of the meeting (Andrew Moore) is an ancestor of W's and I wanted to see if I could find any graves of his descendants in the Friends Burial Ground (FBG is a common term on genealogical sites). From what I could tell from information on the web, the current building is not on the original site and I was not successful in finding any more about where the oldest graves are. Apparently even if you can find them, many are worn so much you cannot read them, and many of the ancestors were buried in unmarked graves. But many of the graves in the Sadsbury FBG contain names very familiar from my tracing the Moore ancestors.

Quilt Fabric Shopping

I had a nice trip to Lancaster, PA on Friday and Saturday. The initial impetus was a quilt show called the Quilters' Heritage Celebration, which definitely was not worth the trip - but more on that later. While researching that show, I kept finding web references to the Spring Quilt Blossom Festival, which seemed to be at the same time and roughly at the same place. I eventually called a vendor and discovered that there was some dispute a few years back between the folks who ran the annual QHC and many vendors who wanted to participate. So the vendors have their own festival across the street from the QHC every year. And then I discovered that the real reason a quilter goes to the Lancaster area is to shop for fabric in all the quilt stores. I associate quilting with the Amish and Mennonites, but never questioned where they get their fabric. Not only are there literally dozens of fabric stores in the area, the prices are much lower than around here.

So by the time I left home, my focus had changed. I first drove to the quilt stores in Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand, PA (and there are many more that I didn't get to) then went to see what the vendors at the Spring Quilt Blossom Festival had to offer. There were lots of vendors and I got some more fabric there. I ended at the QHC and was very disappointed. Not only did they charge an admission, several of the quilts on display were some I'd seen in NJ at a Mancuso show. And many of the quilts in these shows are art quilts that I can't hope to emulate. So I have begun to view shows as mostly a collection of vendors and there weren't many at the QHC.

Conclusion: The area of Amish farms northeast of Lancaster, PA is very picturesque and the quilt stores are definitely worth a return visit. I would probably return when there is not a quilt show in the area so they would be less crowded. A trip in the summer or fall when produce from the farms is available would be great - except I don't tend to be in the area then.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barnegat Light

Today we made our annual trek to Barnegat Light to look for over-wintering birds. We saw
Common Loon
Harlequin Duck
Long-Tailed Duck
Ring-Billed Gull
A female Red-Breasted Merganser
Flocks of Dunlin (?)
Ruddy Turnstone (?)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More on the Adirondack Storm

Our caretaker sent these photos of the storm's aftermath.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adirondack Weather

I've been watching the weather at camp this week and wondering how long the power would stay on given the freezing rain, sleet, and snow they have been having. So I wasn't surprised to get a call from our caretaker this morning that he has closed down the camp. They had been without power for 16 hours at that point. And more bad weather to come. Our driveway is impassible given the number of broken and bent trees. So even if he had wanted to keep the generator going, he couldn't get more gasoline in there. So far the house is ok. We'll pray that we continue to have good luck and that no trees fall on it. W is going to have LOTS of chainsawing to do when we finally get up there in May. We definitely should have built a bigger woodshed.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Orchid Show

The reason for yesterday's trip to Longwood was their Orchid Show. While it was not nearly as extensive as the annual show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens, I never tire of gazing at orchids - the more funky the better.

Longwood Gardens

Yesterday we went to Longwood Gardens with A and J. J had a great time exploring the neat fountains in the new children's garden.