Friday, September 15, 2017

2017 Paddling Summary

With the rainy weather, we only did 19 paddles this year.
  • Big Tupper from Rock Island Bay
  • Big Tupper from Moody
  • Kunjamuk River
  • Little Tupper
  • Long Pond
  • Lower Osgood
  • Massawepie
  • Middle Branch St Regis River
  • North Branch Moose River
  • North Branch Saranac River
  • Piercefield Flow
  • Raquette River Axton to Crusher
  • Raquette River Crusher to Moody
  • Rollins to Follensby Clear
  • Saranac River cleanup
  • Saranac River during 90 miler
  • Six Carries
  • South Creek to Middle Saranac and Weller Pond
  • South Creek to Second Pond

Paddling and Hiking at Massawepie

Yesterday I went paddling with the group to Massawepie Lake.  We did about 6.5 miles around the lake, stopping at the tip of one of the eskers for lunch.  A friend told me how to find the trail around the lake, so today we hiked part of the trail.  It was fantastic, but we didn't get all the way to the tip of the esker we were at yesterday.  We hiked for 1-3/4 hours and since we left late and didn't bring lunch, we were forced to turn around.  It was another gorgeous, still day.

And there were toads everywhere.

We will be sure to go back sometime and plan for a longer hike.  It was wet underfoot some places, so I might be tempted to wear water shoes the next time, or perhaps take them.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Paddling From Rollins Pond to Follensby Clear

It was a gorgeous, still day today, so we did one of our favorite paddles, taking advantage of having two cars.  We dropped off a car at the southern parking area on Follensby Clear Pond.  Then we drove to the put-in at Rollins Pond and launched the boats.

We paddled through Rollins and into Floodwood where we stopped at one of the first campsites for lunch.

Then we paddled across Floodwood and down Fish Creek.

Then through Fish Creek Ponds and Spyder Creek into Follensby Clear, for a total of 8-3/4 miles.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Paddling the Saranac River

It is finally nice weather, so we visited some friends who have just moved into a new house on Lake Flower and we paddled with them on the Saranac River from their house, south almost to the entrance to Kiwassa Lake.  It is the final day of the 90-miler canoe race, so we got to see lots of boats go by.  We were surprised how many held 4 or more paddlers.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Biking Around Fish Creek

We did our usual 9-mile bike ride around Fish Creek campsites today.  We were surprised how quickly the sites have emptied after the Labor Day holiday.  There weren't many sites occupied and no traffic, so it was a great ride.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Paddling Big Tupper - Again

The winds were forecast to be "light and variable" again today so we tried to come up with a place to paddle that would be away from the holiday crowds.  We settled on the south end of Big Tupper Lake.  We put in at Rock Island Bay and followed the shore south to Bog River Falls.  There were quite a few motor boats on the lake, but they weren't an issue.  Before we got to the falls the winds were already rising, so we headed back to the car.  We covered less than 4 miles, but it was still nice to be out in the beautiful sunshine, though the temperature was cool.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Paddling Big Tupper

We explored part of Big Tupper today since winds were again light.  We put in at the Moody boat launch and paddled down to Grindstone Bay.

Then we came back up the western shore and explored.  We stopped at the lean-to for lunch.

We stopped again at campsite 4 and walked around.  Campsite 3 was occupied.  We need to stop there sometime since it looked like a great starting place for climbing around on the rocky shore.  We headed back to Moody from there for a total of 8.5 miles.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Paddling Little Tupper

We paddled nearly 13 miles on Little Tupper today.  The forecast was for "light and variable" winds, so it was perfect.

We stopped for a break at campsite 6, and several others as well, which made for a relaxing paddle.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Second City Comedy Group

Last evening after our paddle we went to the Lake Placid Arts Center to see Second City.  They did comedy sketches and improv.  It was fun, but a long day.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Paddling the Kunjamuk River

Today we drove 1-1/2 hours to Speculator in order to paddle the Kunjamuk River.  We did 10 miles round trip to Elm Lake and back.

The water is still high so it was a great paddle.  We only had to get out and pull over 3 beaver dams.  At lower water we would have encountered at least a dozen of them.

This garter snake was sunning itself on the bridge where we stopped to have lunch.