Monday, June 29, 2009

A Damp Paddle from South Creek to Second Pond

We paddled with the Wayfarers today, despite the drizzle. We put in at South Creek and paddled into Middle Saranac Lake where we saw this eagle on Ship Island.They nest there, which explains why we've seen eagles there in the past.

We paddled down the Saranac River and through the locks, which were "manned" by Martha's friend Margaret,who invited us to stop for a stretch. Then we packed all 9 boats into the lockand headed downstream into Lower Saranac Lake. We climbed around on Bluff Island then finished at the boat dock on Second Pond where the cars were waiting.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kayaking Lower Saranc Lake

We had a great day today. We started at the Lake Placid farmers' market where we got all sorts of goodies. On the drive there we saw the beautiful lupines lining the road.They are especially abundant this year. At the market we met Jini, who invited us to join them for dinner at Charlie's this evening. In between, we paddled on Lower Saranac Lake. We had lunch at one of our favorite spots, atop the rocky bluff on Bluff Island. We paddled among the picturesque islands. We saw lots of iris and some swamp laurel.And we stopped on Eagle Island, where we had never been. Campsite 1 is one of the few on the lake that has a decent landing spot and the view from the campsite was great. The woods behind were full of ferny rocks. When we got home after dinner, we were treated to this view of the flow.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kayaking the Bog River Above the Falls

Since it was supposed to be windy today, we just did a short, mostly protected paddle. We'd always wanted to explore the Bog River upstream of the falls into Tupper Lake, even though you can only go 2 miles one-way before hitting the rapids. We found the put-in when we were exploring there over the winter, to the right of the falls in the picnic area. We paddled upstream to the spot where the outflow from Round Lake meets the Bog River. The Bog River rapids are right there, but we found we could go upstream a bit towards Round Lake, dodging big rocks that would make it even more difficult in lower water. We stopped at the point pictured here. On the way back we searched for the carry around the Bog River rapids, hoping we could get out and hike for a bit, but we found no trace of it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No More UFO's

Un-Finished Objects in quilters' parlance. I finished my mini-quilt from George Siciliano's workshop. It's going to be gorgeous on our wood wall here at camp. I just have to figure out the best way to hang it.
And now I can start my next quilt.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Vermont Quilt Festival

I went to the Vermont Quilt Festival in Essex Junction today. I drove to Port Kent and took the ferry to Burlington, followed by a short drive to the festival. I left home at 8 this morning and returned at 6:30, so it was a long day, but worth it. The weather was very foggy this morning. Here is the ferry approaching through the mist.But it cleared and was a sunny 70 degrees most of the time I was in Vermont.

The quilt show was great. Good vendors (too good; I spent too much money) and neat quilts. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back from NJ

We drove back to camp from New Jersey yesterday. We spent a week there:
  • helping S with her porch - we made a lot of progress
  • seeing A and family
  • having a new AC system installed in the condo - sigh. It seems to work much better than the old one, which was the idea of course. So we should be able to go back there sometime in the summer without dying from the heat.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kayaking to Upper Saranac Lake

Today we had a leisurely 8 mile paddle from the upper boat ramp on Follensby Clear Pond, through Spider Creek and Fish Creek Ponds into Fish Creek Bay, and then along the northwestern shore of Upper Saranac Lake into Little Square Bay and then back again. The winds were light and there were few other boats about.

We saw several loons on Follensby Clear.
I love the rocky shoreline of Upper Saranac Lake.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lone Star Quilt

I finished my lone star quilt and hung it on the loft railing. I tried free-motion quilting on the border and it worked pretty well. I should definitely improve with practice.
I've also finished the top of my "George Siciliano" miniature quilt. It went together quite nicely. I'll photograph it once I get the backing and binding on.

Neighborhood Wildlife

We did our usual walk along the road this afternoon and W spotted a scarlet tanager. This picture is a bit fuzzy, since it was fairly far away, but no doubting what it was.And then this frog, probably a leopard frog, was resting in the pool by the side of the road. Not bad for an afternoon stroll.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kayaking in the St Regis Canoe Area

We paddled Long, Slang, Turtle, and Hoel ponds today with the Wayfarers. It was a one-way trip beginning at Long Pond and ending at the Dora's on Hoel Pond after carrying over the railroad tracks. It combined the trips done last year on June 4th and June 9th. I took some wildflower photos while at the Dora's camp.

Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis in the Cornaceae
Clintonia borealis in the LiliaceaeThen, since it is supposed to rain tomorrow when the ADK hike to Hays Brook Trail to see the lady slipper orchids was scheduled, we drove up there after the paddle. The orchids are right at the trail head, so we didn't have to walk far.

Lady's Slipper - Cypripedium acaule in the Orchidaceae

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wildflower Quilt

I'm collecting wildflower photos to print onto fabric and incorporate into a quilt for camp. The starflowers are blooming now - Trientalis borealis in the Primulaceae.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wood Frog

We found a wood frog on our dry, dusty road, of all places, when we were walking today. I hadn't seen one before and found this identifying photo on the web at I did not have my camera - I really must get better about carrying it wherever I go.

Fretty Plowers

Remember the LP we used to have with the Muppets' tale of a princess who reversed the first letters of words?.... (At least I think that is what it was.)

Anyway, I planted my annuals in planters on the deck today.I bought them at the Flowering Meadows Nursery in Lake Placid where we purchased our fir and spruce trees, since I thought they would have a good selection. The plants are very nice, but not nearly the selection I'm used to from "down south". I got beautiful tuberous begonias for the shade (they didn't have many left so it is a good thing we went when we did. If they had still had fuschia in hanging baskets, I would have gotten some for the front porch) and in the planters more in the sun I put geraniums (I'm a sucker for those gorgeous clear colors) and Calibrachoa, those trailing flowers that look like miniature petunias.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp Woodlure

While on Rollins Pond today we went by Camp Woodlure and took photos.This is the camp originally built by W's great-grandmother's brother and where the family used to vacation. We know nothing about who owns it now.

Kayaking the Rollins Loop

We paddled the usual Floodwood/Copperas/Whey/Rollins loop today with a group from ADK. The weather was fantastic and the bugs weren't too bad. We found this tree that a miscalculating beaver cut nearly through, but when it started to fall it got caught in a neighboring tree.This is the group relaxing at lunch on the Rollins boat dock.On our way home we saw these two huge snapping turtles sunning on a rock across Rte 3 from the post office.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At Camp

We're relaxing at camp and listening to the loons on the lake. Life is good.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Slave Labor - Continued

We just finished the 4th consecutive weekend working on S's porch - she took today off so we worked 3 days this "weekend". The steps are finishedand we are about half done with the pavers on top of the porch. It looks great.Tomorrow we head to camp for the summer, though we'll come back to NJ once in a while. First thing on the agenda when we get up north is some serious R&R.