Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quilt 33

I finally got to use the long-arm machine to finish this quilt that I pieced last summer.  It goes perfectly on our new sofa.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another Great Bike Ride

Yesterday we rode another section of the Delaware and Raritan Canal towpath.  We found a good place to park, complete with portajohn, on the south side of Alexander Road in Princeton.  We had intended to ride north along Carnegie Lake, but taking the southern route meant we didn't have to cross Alexander Road and it looked inviting, so we figured we'd see how far we could get.  The path surface was quite good most places.  We ended up riding south about 4.5 miles, going under Route 95 and stopping when we got to the nice-looking bridge over Route 1.  We would have loved to ride further but had a time limit - more on that later - so we promised ourselves we would explore farther south the next time.  There is good parking at Quakerbridge Road so we could start from there.

After the ride we had dinner - at PJ's Pancake House on Nassau Street which was just so-so - then headed onto campus for a lecture by Hugh Herr, the head of the Biomechatronics Lab at MIT.  The Lab's work on artificial limbs is fascinating.