Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Still Here

Those of you who follow my blog must wonder what has become of me.  The last few weeks are a blur.  When we returned from the Adirondacks last month we started the process of selling our condo and finding a new place to live.  After much searching we have selected a 55+ community west of here - away from all flooding.  We have a contract on the condo but won't feel secure until after lawyer review, inspection, and the buyer getting a mortgage.  At that point we can sign the contract to build our new home.  While it is being built, we will put our furniture in storage and move to the Adirondacks.  Depending on when we start the building process, we may be at camp into the winter.

Then in the middle of all this my father ended up in the hospital out in Oregon.  I just returned from there after visiting him in the nursing home and serving as patient advocate.  All us siblings have taken turns and starting next week he will be on his own for a while.  Then sometime in early April we assume we will be moving him to assisted living.  He is responding very well to physical therapy so he may eventually be able to move to an independent-living apartment.  Whether or not I am able to help with his next move depends a lot on where we are in the moving process.