Sunday, April 7, 2013

At Camp, Briefly

Another month has gone by in a blur.  The condo sale is nearly complete, except for the buyer getting his mortgage.  Closing is scheduled for May 1st.  We signed the contract to build the new house last Monday.  Then we began filling boxes.  We are taking them to a storage unit in Jamesburg, NJ, a bit west of our new neighborhood.  We've taken a couple of loads, with many more to go.  Thursday we brought a load up to camp and are staying a few days.  We had a wonderful get-together with friends last evening.  It was so great to see everyone.  Tuesday we head back to NJ for more packing.

On the family front, Dad has been back in the hospital for a couple of weeks now.  He had all sorts of complications and was finally diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome.  He is receiving treatment and seems to be responding, but it will be a long road back.  The doctors say he may yet walk again, but he is in for many months of physical therapy.